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A location that connects residents Kingston and everything it has to offer. A short walk along Princess St. will place you in the heart of downtown alongside shopping boutiques, cafes, restaurants, & bars along the waterfront. Woke up late for class? Not to worry with this short drive to Queen's University. Need a break with fresh air? Frontenac St. is surrounded by lush city parks, Victoria Park & Memorial Park.

With an 89 Walk Score, The Frontenac Condos has you covered.

Why Invest?

Kingston, ON.

In the heart of all the action perfectly central to the big three (otherwise known as Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal), Kingston draws people in by its natural lakefront beauty, thriving economy and world class education sites. Students travel from every point on the globe to be a part of the 175,000+ people who call this place home. If not already tempted by the vibrant night life, rich dining experiences, and stunning natural sites, Kingston boasts a mean household income of $92,572, making it one of the wealthier cities in Canada.

Queen's University

The city of Kingston is home to nearly 35,000 post-secondary students at three major institutions; with Queen's University being one of the most prestigious and well respected Universities in Canada. Queen's University is a full spectrum, research-intensive university that conducts leading edge research in a variety of areas. The Frontenac Condos is just minutes away from Queen's University, making it the ideal place to live for students looking for upscale accommodation.

Thriving Economy

With its thriving public & private sectors, Canadian Forces presence, and high average household income, Kingston’s economy is poised for growth over the next several years as it is becoming a hotbed for corporate investments. Comparative to the population, there is a relatively high retail and service presence. Moreover, the city has high quality, well-established supply chains, boasting the lowest corporate taxes on the continent. 

Rental Demand

With 95% of the student population being from outside the borders of Kingston, the rental demand continues to grow. Queen's University only offers 4,500 beds on campus, leaving majority of the students requiring off-campus housing. With the high rental demand, Kingston provides landlords with the low vacancy rate of 0.7% & higher than normal rental rates.

Decreased To
Vacancy Rate
Average Rent (Up 3.1%)
Beds On Campus

Total Students Enrolled


International Students Enrolled


Queen's University Enrollment

With the increase of international enrolment up by 15.5% from the previous year, Queen's university has already surpassed 2020's goal. The enrolment statistics prove to grow at a steady rate year over year, ensuring the demand to secure housing will only rise in future years.


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